Calleja Maialen


– 現任UN STUDIO 數位設計運算設計師
– 曾任Mamou-Mani Architects 數位設計運算設計師
– 曾任英國Simply Rhino原廠Grasshopper Level1&2課程老師
– Architizer A+Awards 2017 Winner Tangential Dreams


中文簡介 Introduction:

Maialen Calleja 目前是UN Studio的數位運算和建築設計師。在加入UN Studio之前,他過於就讀於西敏市大學(University of Westminster)RIBA PART1和PART2時曾於倫敦的跨領域建築設計事務所Mamou-Mani Architects工作將近5年。 Maialen在數位運算方面的專長使她的設計上有強烈的獨特語言,且具有非標準建築形式、自動化構築和模矩化構成等的特色,這樣的設計方式更是提昌了所謂的”形”隨”性能”的高效理念。她已成功地將這種方法貫徹於許多”設計”和”數位營造”項目,如Tangential DreamsFlying LeavesConifera等已建程項目。她一直以來對數據和目標導向的設計及製造的興趣是主要促使他將材料、結構表現和環境物理行為量化整合至設計中的重要因素,並將其作為創作最終設計結果的關鍵參數。 Maialen是得獎項目2018年火人節聖殿Galaxia的主導設計師之一。這是世界上少數完全以參數設計全面進行的的項目之一。Maialen Calleja也在2017年起倫敦的Simply Rhino參數化設計培訓機構擔任顧問,她曾提供Grasshopper和Rhinoceros相關軟體教學,以及為個人和設計公司提供訂製化培訓。目前作為UN Studio的數位運算設計師,她的設計主要專注於設計的合理化和優化策略的整合。她也同時在UN Studio中開發許多數位工具來協助各種設計流程的進行,這些工具包括針對環境光照及量體型態和方位優化、項目流程自動化、住宅及商業大樓設計評估量化、營照自動化出圖、面積計劃書和數據模型介面化等等。







英文簡介 English:

Maialen Calleja is currently a computational designer and junior architect at UN Studio. Prior to joining UN Studio, she was working for a London based multi-disciplinary architecture practice, Mamou-Mani Architects, while studying her RIBA Part1 and 2 at University of Westminster, London. Maialen’s expertise in computation has allowed her to develop a unique design methodology which promotes none-standard architectural form, automation and modularization , as well as the idea of form follows performance. She has successfully integrated such methodology in a number of design and build projects such as Tangential Dreams, Flying Leaves, Conifera and more. Her interests in data driven design and fabrication has been a big push to parameterize material, structural and environmental behaviors and use them as key parameters to drive the final design outcome. Maialen is the lead designer of the award winning project, Burning Man Temple 2018. This is one of the few fully parametrically designed projects in the world. Maialen has also been a Simply Rhino trainer in London since 2017. She has delivered Grasshopper and Rhinoceros software workshops, as well as giving specific training to individuals and design companies. As a computational designer at UN Studio, her works focus on rationalization and optimization strategies for design. She has built several performance driven tools to assist design development process. These tools include the search of optimal sunlight and orientation of the massing with the multiple constraints of the site, as well as tools which can optimize workflow within the different project stages. This includes bench marking options, drawing automation, area schedule and data visualization.

過去得獎作品 Award

2017 Architizer A+Awards   –  TANGENTIAL DREAMS    (Mamou-Mani Architects) 
2019 Dezeen awards             –   GALAXIA  (Mamou-Mani Architects) 

數位設計演講 Conference & Talk

2018 Shape to fabrication conference       LONDON
2019 The void of a city lecture                    SHANGHAI