METAPLAY II – Hybrid Reality

Schedule : 2022/06/18 -07/03

Location : online

Language : English

Target Audience : students, architects, designers, artists, and individuals with an interest to engage in new techniques of design methodologies and technologies of production.

Software:  Rhino 7.0 / Maya / Blender / Unreal 



MetaPlay2.0 – Hybrid Reality Workshop is a 3 weeks long online design workshop exploring the concept of multi-dimensional spaces and experiences in architecture. MetaPlay 2.0 continues the research for designing future social and leisure experiences in virtual environments and extends the scope of research exploring time as a dimension with a focus on spatial transformability and programmable matters. The workshop will also explore a variety of other topics such as potential changes of architectural design process, material organisation, tectonics, spatial experiences and public perception of a built environment as part of a design project. MetaPlay 2.0 aims at investigating the changing mode of architectural production using disrupted technologies such as AI, generative design, automation, and augmented reality / virtual reality tools to explore and rethink built environment design that is digitally conceived and experienced. 

The workshop is curated by DEZACT in partnership with LAC Studio and supported by Digital Future Foundation and Avani Institute of Design, India.


Due to the unforeseen global crisis of 2019, AEC industry has been forced to adapt to a more digitally driven workflow. Digital technology such as AI, generative design, 3D printing, robotic automation, and augmented reality / virtual reality has already been largely implemented into architectural production. Emergence of workflow focused on Digital Twins is now changing the paradigm and allowing building physics and usage related simulation to take place early in the design process. Such workflows also allow users to benchmark design options at every stage and allow for quick reconfiguration and design enhancements based on parametric variables in the system, simplifying the overall design processes and ideally making them more participatory in nature for the general audience. Such processes celebrate human-machine collaboration and not only suggest a more controlled process of building production but also a different way of thinking and operating.

In this Metaplay 2.0 workshop, we are interested in exploring digital technologies that would allow architects to operate in similar design workflows focused on the spatial and social experiences in highly simulated / AI driven / gamified virtual environments. At the same time through the workshop we will investigate how Metaverse design could leverage the creativity of architects and allow for dynamic and interactive multi-layer information richly embedded within such virtual environments.


The workshop is led by an experienced faculty from leading organisations in the academia and professional practise. Check out the  INSTRUCTOR PAGE to know more about our instructors.


The workshop consists of two parts of learning: 1. technical session 2. design tutorial. The workshop will operate as a micro design studio that will impart hands-on digital and parametric modelling skills as well as skills in using cutting edge game engine and CGI tools within AEC industry to all participants. Participants will be presenting a ready to play interactive Metaplay architecture design by the end of the workshop. We will also showcase and encourage participants to host their Metaplay design on one of the mainstream Metaverse platforms for wider public engagement. Please see the PROGRAM PAGE for more details and schedule.